Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Andre W. Age 12
Cummings Field
Baltimore, Maryland

BaltimoreWestport Communityís Cumming Field should win the Diamond in the Rough contest. Our Recreation Center was closed down three years ago and our PAL Center even longer ago. This did not stop our baseball team, we just had to walk or ride our bikes to play in a field without holes or ruts. Coach Nick and Coach Marty volunteer their time to us and have always kept the team going. There is not much out there for us to do these days and it is too easy to get into trouble, our coaches and baseball see that that doesnít happen. We can now practice on Cummings Field and do not have to walk all the way to Lakeland, but the field needs refurbishments. If we make the improvements more people will come to play and to watch. The improvements that are needed on the field are many. We need a fence so we know the homerun spot, so people donít just think it is a homerun when it is not. Another thing needed is a rain cover because when it rains the field gets all muddy. We need bases. We canít keep using our gloves as bases because itís messing them up. We also need gloves. That is basically what we need. I will so happy if it all comes through. Baseballís lessons have given me The Power Within for other areas in my life such as my family (especially with my little sister who looks up to me) and my school life and also with new situations that I find myself in. Teamwork, leadership, discipline, sportsmanlike conduct, wining with pride and losing with dignity all have a place both on the field and everywhere.