Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Justin K. Age 11
Humphrey Field
Cleveland, Ohio

ClevelandThere is currently no funding available to update the field. Children need a better place to play so they will not get injured. A better field will give all players more confidence in their play. A better field will give players pride in their neighborhood. The current conditions of the field include uneven ground on the diamond and a broken fence on the backstop. The field stays flooded for days after it rains. The grass is not green and is also uneven. My field needs a new backstop, even ground on the diamond and in the field. The field also needs a drainage system so that we can still play when it rains. A sprinkler system would enable the grass to be green like in the major league. The current warning track is filled in with rocks. The outfield fence was damaged by vandals who drove through it in a car. I have learned that winning isnít everything. But having fun no matter what the outcome of the game is what is important. My friends and I enjoy playing baseball even on our field which is not in the best shape. Baseball keeps my friends and I out of trouble. Baseball has taught me the meaning of teamwork which I use to succeed in school and in other activities.