Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

D.P. L. Age 10
Living Hope Church Field
Coppell, Texas

CoppellThe Drillers have gone through a pretty good season. They have been practicing at the baseball field right next to the Living Hope Church in Coppell, Texas. The field needs quite a bit of work on it. Our field needs work because there are too many weeds. Another reason is that there are ants, too. And probably the most important reason is it is too bumpy. When coach is hitting us grounders, we charge the ball and then it hits a bump. That can affect our skills or even give us a black eye. I'm telling you, we need NEW GRASS! Our team really deserves this field because it's on the church property and they're letting us use it. I think we should give them a treat of our own. If we had a new baseball field, we would sure take care of it. It would bring a new sense of pride on our team. Having a sense of pride in your team is one of the first things that help you discover the Power Within. Having this sense of pride makes you stronger whether you win or lose. And lastly, we love our coach, Mike. He's taught us pride whether we have a good practice field or not. This year he and his family are going to move an hour away from our league. I just think a brand new field would give him the Power Within to drive back and keep coaching us!