Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Jake B. Age 12
Prairie View Field
Farmington, Minnesota

FarmingtonThe problem with our field in Farmington, Minnesota is that Prairie View Field can’t keep up with the growth of the community. “If they build it, they will come” doesn’t apply here, cause no one wants to come. We schedule most of our games away partly to avoid the embarrassment, and partly so we can enjoy a real ballpark. Our outfield is lumpy and bumpy, with big holes everywhere from the moles. We have no outfield, which makes popping one way out there a little less dramatic when you really don’t know how far it went. Fences give players more confidence, something to aim for. The infield is all dirt. A grass infield would be a huge improvement. A pitching mound that wasn’t created by the moles would be wonderful, fighting them for possession every game gets old. I have the Power Within to go as far as my love of the game will take me. The greatest American pastime has no boundaries in our minds. We play with pride and show respect and sportsmanship to others. Please give us the opportunity to show our pride on our own field of dreams. Maybe there is such a thing as “Angels in the Outfield,” and they’re named Briggs & Stratton.