Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Andrew S. Age 8
Ken Solley Field
Joliet, Illinois

JolietIím glad that my mom finally let me play baseball on a team, but our field is not in very good shape. We have to end games early sometimes because it gets too dark and there arenít any lights. If it rains before a game, we have to sweep the rain out of the batterís box and we have to be careful about running home and hurting our ankles in the hole. The outfield has lots of holes, so you have to watch your step when catching a ball. If your team is the visitors, good luck. You have to watch out for the wasps that keep putting a next in the dugout. We have to make sure we bring snacks because there is no concession stand. Mom and dad have to bring blankets to sit on because the bleachers are in bad shape. Our league is trying to save money to fix the field so there is only one umpire per game. Playing baseball has helped me with my ability to pay attention. It lets me do something I love and am kind of good at. It is something that is just mine, my sister doesnít do it with me. I am really proud of my team and being able to play real baseball!