Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Delton J. Age 9
Bunche Park
Miami, Florida

MiamiBaseball has taught me how to be a team player and have good sportsmanship. My coach also said that it would help me in life because it also teaches me how to have a good attitude off the field. Baseball also teaches me discipline. We need our field repaired because itís in bad shape. Our sprinklers donít work at all. Our fence is torn down and dangerous. Animals can come into the park easily. The back stop has no top and when you hit a fly ball it goes into the street and sometimes hits cars. If we get our field repaired it will be a safer place to play. This should help us get more players because some players donít like the way our field looks. Other parks have good bleachers and ours are old and tore up. Everybody likes to play on new and good stuff.