Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

David S. Age 8
Powercat Field at Maybury State Park
Northville, Michigan

NorthvilleLast fall, our baseball field did not exist. Our coaches built it themselves. It is located inside a park with nature trails, horses, and a barn with animals. My coaches built the field when they started our baseball team. Even though our town has other baseball teams, they wanted a team that focused more on learning and having fun playing the game than on traveling to lots of games and tournaments. We will still play in lots of games and two tournaments, but we have time to play other sports and to spend time with our families and other friends too. My coaches did a good job on our field. Our parents and some other people in our town have helped out, but they could use a little more help. The outfield needs to be less bumpy so we don’t get hurt, and the infield is only a light layer of sand. It also needs bases and base lines. We could use better dugouts and things like that. A scoreboard would be nice too. I am thankful to my coaches for starting our team. They taught me the importance of working hard for something you love. They built our team and our field because they love the game of baseball. That is “the Power Within” that I can use to be successful on and off the baseball field. I will work hard to be a good person, do well in school and in everything else that I love.