Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Brittany D. Age 12
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PhiladelphiaI think our ballpark should be chosen due to the dangerous conditions of the field. When balls are hit, sometimes they bounce and hit the holes on/in the ground, which then the ball bounces and hits the players in the face, chest or arm. Our ballpark does not have proper dugouts or a working batting cage for us to practice in. Our infield needs work. It's not flat and we’re always tripping or falling while running around the bases or catching a ball. Our outfield is even worse. We don't even have grass all over it! It's almost a full dirt field. It's "Bald" and more uneven then the infield. It is so hard to run on a field that has piles of dirt in some spots and holes in other spots. This year will be my fifth year for playing baseball/softball for EOM AA. I really love this sport. Pat Burrell from the Phillies is my idol. Last year I played on three teams. Two out of the three won the championship! I was awarded a plaque for True Spirit and Sportsmanship. I realize that every year I play, the better I get. I hit a three run homeruns last season and helped bring the team to the championship. I was so excited!! I would really like to see this field get some help, so I can keep on playing! My dream is to be like my mother, whom is also my coach and I would like to someday be just like her. I just hope the field will still be here in the future. I am a leader and I dream of not only being the best ball player that I can be but to also coach when I am old enough! "IF YOU BUILD IT, THE KIDS WILL COME"