Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Diamonds In The Rough
Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields Refurbishing Youth Baseball Fields

Katelyn H. Age 8
Hoxie Field
Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

Sagamore BeachMy field, Hoxie Field, should be Briggs & Stratton Diamond in the Rough because although my teammates and I will continue to love the game and become the best baseball players we can be without a new field, our love for the game is why our field should be Briggs and Stratton's choice. It is in dire need of repair and has been for over 20 years. My dad went to Hoxie school and he says the field has always needed repair. Our field has a backstop that is full of holes, no lights to have our night games and no scoreboard to keep score. We don't have a dugout, baselines or bases and we have holes all over our outfield. Baseball has given me the Power Within to be successful on and off the diamond by showing me that I can do all things I set my mind to and that anything boys can do, I can do also. I have learned to be strong if I get hurt and that giving up is not an option. I love baseball!