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Briggs & Stratton Diamonds in the Rough Privacy Policy

This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for

The Web site has agreed to notify you of:

  • What personally identifiable information of yours is collected from you on the web site
  • The organization collecting the information
  • How the information is used
  • With whom the information may be shared

Information Collection and Use

Briggs & Stratton Corporation does not collect personal information of children at, except their first and last name and a valid e-mail address. We reserve the right to collect parent/guardian information for the purposes of marketing products and services. No personal information is collected by use of cookies. We will collect each e-mail address once, regardless of the number of times voted. Children are reminded to consult a parent or legal guardian before participating in the essay contest and voting process on this site. We do not sell or share information collected from the site to third parties.


The entry form requests information from users. Participation in this contest is completely voluntary and you therefore have a choice whether or not to disclose this information. Information requested may include parental/guardian contact information (such as name and address), and demographic information (such as zip code, age, etc.).

This web site will feature the first name and last initial, essays and field photos of the 16 winning children who are eligible for the grand prize. We will provide parents with an e-mail letter of consent giving us permission to post this information.

Parents have the option to agree to the collection and use of their information. Parents/ guardians also have the right to review personal information, ask to have it deleted and refuse to allow any further collection or use of the information. Also, parents have the right to decline their child’s entry and participation in this program. In this case, when parents indicate their desire to not participate, Briggs & Stratton will immediately delete their record.


To make the online voting fair for everyone, we will record your vote by collecting each email address once. This means you will not be able to vote more than once, so make your vote count. If you choose to vote multiple times, your vote with count only the first time...


Parents with questions about the web site content or information collected can email the following:

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
PO Box 702
Milwaukee , WI 53201-0702